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Our Re-Treatment Policy is a way of helping patients maintain the best possible vision after their treatment. Although the vast majority of our patients experience significant improvement in their vision after a single treatment, there may be cases where patients may benefit from a re-treatment, or otherwise known as an enhancement. As part of our goal to help you attain the best vision possible, we have developed a one-year re-treatment program.
Patients, who have had laser vision correction performed by our surgeon at our facility, are eligible for this program. It is highly unlikely that you will equire an enhancement. However, this is difficult to predict; so you can be reassured in knowing that you are automatically enrolled into this one-year FREE enhancement policy once you have undergone the primary procedure at Pan Pacific Laser, Inc.
Your surgeon will only approve that you undergo an enhancement if it is deemed to be safe and beneficial. Some patients will not be qualified for the enhancement procedure due to:

1. Cornea is too thin to undergo further surgery;

2. Loss, deterioration or change of vision due to a medical condition or ocular disease, such as diabetes, cataracts or glaucoma;

3. A change in the refractive error due to a cataract or cataract surgery following Laser Vision Correction;

4. Seeking to correct Presbyopia, which occurs as part of the natural aging process and cannot be reversed through Laser Vision Correction;

5. Have experienced a deterioration of vision due to irregular astigmatism;

6. Unacceptable curvature of the cornea, thereby compromising their vision, if they were to proceed with additional treatment;

7. Have already obtained such good visual results (20/30 or better) that the benefits of additional treatment would be minimal or possible worsen present acuity;

8. Patients who fail to comply with post-operative guidelines; and Patients who fail to be examined by Pan Pacific Laser, Inc. or its affiliated co-managing eye specialists for all required one-year post-operative visits.


At Pan Pacific Laser, Inc. we do not require you to visit one of our eye specialists annually after the first year to qualify for this enhancment program. However if you notice changes in your vision after the first year, have your regular eye doctor perform an examination. If no ocular condition(s) has been determined to be the cause of your visual changes, you may then contact Pan Pacific Laser, Inc. for an enhancement evaluation. If Enhancement is required after one year, Pan Pacific Laser, Inc. has the right to charge 50% of its current cost of original treatment. Enhancements are not an obligation of the surgeon or your co-managing eye doctor. It is the entity of Pan Pacific Laser, Inc.'s obligation to its patients.
If you have additional questions regarding this policy, please feel free to ask a staff member for clarification at any time.


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