Why Choose Pan Pacific Laser Center for your LASIK eye surgery?

Experience Is What Sets Us Apart

Pan Pacific Laser Center was founded in 1997 by world famous Dr. Donald Johnson of Canada. As one of the early pioneers of laser vision correction in the world, he developed what was known as the "No touch PRK" procedure.

Our current medical director Dr. Stephen S. Gee introduced the advanced surface ablation technique the  "LASEK/PRK" procedure to Hawaii; a non-invasive "bladeless surgery" that uses a cool beam of laser light to reshape the surface of the cornea. Unlike conventional LASIK Laser vision correction, WITH LASEK there is no cutting of the eye needed to create a flap. LASEK/PRK also preserves more corneal tissue.

At Pan Pacific Laser we offer the IntraLase FS laser, to provide our patients a safer all laser LASIK procedure that eliminates the blade and cutting from the conventional LASIK process.

The Center Has Performed Over 26,000 Procedures

For over fifteen years, we have advanced the science of laser vision correction. Over 26,000 procedures have been performed in our center, with patients even coming to us from other countries. We can correct most vision conditions; even strong prescriptions; simply, safely, with precision and excellent long-term results. Our surgical team is among the most experienced in the Islands. Many Ophthalmologists have come to us for training.

Pan Pacific offers free consultations where all the options, benefits and risks of laser vision correction are openly discussed. Once you've talked to us, you'll see that there is no better time to enjoy seeing your life every time you open your eyes.


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